Anthony Gold


Startup Investor & Founder, Former Fortune 50 VP/GM, Board Member & Advisor

Committed to making a difference

Having begun his career as an electrical engineer designing mainframes, Anthony quickly realized his interest in understanding why products sell. He developed a passion for the business side of technology, understanding product-market fit, and a focus on developing solutions that could truly make an impact.

At Unisys, Anthony ran the enterprise server business as VP/GM. He led exceptionally talented teams responsible for creating several of Unisys’ most successful enterprise server products including the world’s first Intel mainframe, generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Open SOlutions Alliance

Seeing an opportunity in the burgeoning open source market, Anthony developed a plan for a software & services business to take open source into the enterprise. Within three years of operation, the business contributed over $100M in highly profitable revenue. Anthony also co-founded the Open Solutions Alliance, a non-profit industry consortium comprised of some of the world’s top open source companies to help usher in the then-new era of open source software.

Roar for Good

Having been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Anthony fell in love with building companies – particularly those with a mission to make a difference in the world. He joined several boards and subsequently ran a healthcare IT startup partnering with some of the world’s top physicians. He also co-founded ROAR for Good, a wearable tech B-corporation focused on reducing assaults and empowering women. After running one of Indiegogo’s most successful crowdfunding campaigns, achieving over 400 media hits, and shipping their first product, Anthony stepped back from the day to day operations to return to his passion of helping people and companies succeed.


Anthony’s experience of achieving success in both enterprise and startups positions him with a unique ability to partner with leaders to help drive profitable solutions. Anthony advises on topics such as business strategy, product-market fit, leadership development, fundraising, lean startup, social-impact business, productivity, and male allyship in the business environment.

"Unisys has become Open Source’s biggest services gun with Anthony Gold as one of the top business leaders in open source software. "

Network Solutions


Anthony was an early advisor and partner for TechGirlz, a nonprofit focused on reducing the gender gap in technology occupations. He developed and taught the career track curriculum for the Philadelphia chapter of Girl Develop It, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping women pursue careers in software development. He’s an advisor for Drexel’s HeForSWE, a coalition of men advocating for women in engineering and working with women to create an inclusive and diverse tech culture. As part of Anthony’s commitment to making a difference, he was recognized by Drexel University as their 2017 Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year.

Anthony Gold Loves:
Building companies, helping people and making the world a better place:

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