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From Idea to a fully Live brand in weeks
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Ready, Set, Launch!

There aren’t many things as exciting as launching a new product or service. With the Rapid Launch package, the ALX team implements lean startup branding strategies informed by years of experience, in a short time-frame so you can quickly begin public-facing work fundraising, selling, recruiting and building your business.

Start with Strategy

Building a brand that creates trust and closes sales requires precision. Beginning with research ranging from competitive digital traffic analysis to live interviews, you must establish a solid focus on your customer's motivations and your unique competitive advantages.

Identity Creation

The most expensive decision you can make in marketing and branding is to be forgettable. Your brand isn't just about you. It's about the feelings it evokes in your customers. Remember - people make purchase decisions based on feelings and then look for facts to back them up. Getting your branding right is critical.

Brand Build-Out

With a strong brand concept foundation established, ALX will bring your brand assets to life.
From business cards to a complete SEO-optimized website and social media presence, the Rapid Launch package provides a trustworthy platform to begin building your business on.

Early-Phase Launch Campaign

Based on the strategy we develop from research, we'll build out a custom early-phase launch campaign. This might include PR, a social media campaign, a pitch deck and more. It's important to get the right message in front of the right people in a timely manner so you can achieve maximal ROI within the fastest timeline possible.


Rapid Launch Package Features


Customer Expectations & Motivations
Audience Definition & Personas
Customer Journey Mapping
Brand Directions

Brand Creation

Palette & Typography
Messaging/Content Plan
Website Wireframe
Web Prototype & Design


Website build
Pitch Deck
Social Presence
Talking Points

The Process

How it works


Can be completed in as little as 30 days

The timeline for your Rapid Launch depends on your team's availability and decision-making speed.


Essential research

A custom plan will be created based on your unique market niche to build a foundation of data and intelligence to guide your brand launch towards a high-impact focus.


Brand concept development

Beautiful creative is essential, but it's not enough. It has to generate the exact emotions your unique brand seeks to cultivate, to facilitate the continuum of your customer's journey.


Template construction

We build out your entire brand from naming and logos to full web content mapping and design style standards.

Assets Design

Bringing design to life

Once we've identified your brand's unique style, we'll build out everything you need from business cards to icons to pitch deck templates and more.

Website Build

Construction of your responsive website

The ALX team specializes in Webflow and Wordpress site construction and will ensure you have a secure, gorgeous website that works well on everything from mobile to desktop and beyond.


Prepare to be found

Building on the initial digital traffic analysis we conducted, our content and configuration recommendations will be focused on ensuring your site is findable for your intended audience.

Social Build

Claim your brand space where your audience is

The ALX team will recommend which social platforms are the most efficient opportunities for your brand to reach your intended audience and will claim and configure your accounts to establish your new brand.

Go-live Plan

Prepare to launch

Whether you'll be operating in stealth mode or working to rapidly capture international PR attention, you need a thorough plan to ensure your entrance to your audience's stage is managed optimally.


Go-live with your new brand

When all is ready, we'll make your new brand presence public and provide expert support your for all of your early-phase launch needs.

Because your mission matters

The world needs good businesses, good places to work, good products & solutions. We're here to help you build yours.

"We've been through many brand launches but nothing like this. Becky Tiffany and Alexandria Associates exceeded our expectations with our Rapid Launch every step of the way. She's unlike any marketer we've ever worked with. From gathering extensive market research to finding the perfect name to nailing the branding, website and core materials, ALX put us in the best position to succeed with our early phase launch. I would have no problem recommending this team to anyone, and we will definitely use this team again for all future launches." 
-Madan Manoharan, Multi-founder & CEO, Tuleva

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