Rebecca J. Tiffany

Advisor, Founder ALX Associates

Startup Advisor & Founder, Top 100 Health System Marketing Executive, Product & Market Strategist

Committed to making a difference

Rebecca has been recognized for professional accomplishments including helping create and lead the National Breast Center, an Alexandria organization that helped the lives of thousands of at-risk women.

During her 4 years leading marketing for the DC region for Sentara Healthcare, her WHY Sentara initiative to help connect the community with care providers and to bring a human touch to healthcare, was featured in the Washington Post, on iHeartRadio & NBC, and subsequently achieved viral traction throughout the NoVa community, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and increasing local social media following and engagement over 1000%.

At Healthmonix, she spearheaded the development of a healthcare analytics solution to reduce the costs of care delivery using MACRA value-based care data.

And at ROAR for Good, her outreach programs demonstrating how wearable technology can help reduce assaults were featured in New York Times, Huffington Post, Fortune, MTV News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marie Claire, and theSkimm.

Her online social community entitled Meditations of a Happy Parent – focused on helping inspire parents – garnered over 40,000 followers within a few months of launching. Her writings on business, leadership and life is followed and shared on numerous online platforms.

Rebecca is currently serving as Virtual CMO of several technology and consumer products companies and is relied upon by numerous CEO’s and founders as a key advisor for revenue strategies, traction and connecting with audiences emotionally.


Rebecca excels at outcomes because she approaches every facet of business from a mindset of empathy and a commitment to effective research and data, and most importantly, impactful results.

"Becky is an incredible mentor and a leader who builds people up around her. The time I spent working with Becky was both invaluable to my growth as well as that of the startup she was consulting for. She approaches challenges with a holistic, solution-oriented mindset, instills trust with the people she works with, as well as fosters talent & out of the box thinking, ultimately contributing immeasurable value to everything she touches. I would jump on any opportunity to work with Becky again and am always excited to see what she’s up to next."

Hunter Vargas, Roar for Good

Rebecca provides specific audience-targeted marketing planning and execution guidance. She offers a full range of marketing tactics, from traditional to the latest digital products that she has brought to her work at Healthmonix. Regarding the work that Rebecca has performed for the Healthmonix team, we have benefited from her in-depth knowledge of healthcare marketing, business development in the healthcare space, and personal connections in the healthcare business space.

Lauren Patrick, CEO, Healthmonix

Rebecca creates human-centric solutions that combine a compassionate and realistic view of customers with a ‘use what you have’ philosophy when it comes to resources. She digs in deep interviewing real customers, ideal customers and people who have selected competitors for the clients she works with. She goes to great lengths to ensure research projects use validated data that tells a truthful story (not necessarily the one that is desired) in order to build realistic execution strategies and plans.

Rebecca TiffanyLoves:
Building companies, helping people and making the world a better place.

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