Training for Teams

Building Your Brand Storytelling Engine

Get a whole new take on how stories define your brand
Competing in a busy market is expensive and hard.

How can you stand out?

It’s stories.
Stories have incredible power - they engage, seduce, energize, and make people feel more deeply connected. In this custom workshop, discover the magic of narrative communication for your brand.
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If You've Ever asked
  • How can we better communicate and attract people to what we do?
  • How can we find and share our message, effortlessly?
  • How do we tell our story?
  • How do we bring & live our values into our work?
  • How can we connect with people on a deeper, heart level, not just a business and intellectual level?
  • What will make a story effective at inspiring others to think and act differently?
What’s Included
  • Story-finder guide 
  • Brand storytelling framework builder
  • Guided story-building structured brainstorm session
  • Practice opportunities
  • One-on-one story coaching

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

Steve Jobs

Stories change minds.

  • Customer-Service
  • Salespeople
  • Product Development & Product Managers
  • Marketing
  • Social Media 
  • Leadership
What’s Included
  • Narrative Creation
  • Story Prototyping
  • Audience Engagement

We'll cover:

What storytelling is

Examples: brands that got it right

How to gather information and understand your client's needs

How to center your brand's "value proposition" and the focal "business problem" that you address

How to intrigue, conflict, and convincing characters. Secrets to make your story even more memorable.

Ready to see your team succeed at business storytelling?

Discover the power of narrative communication and great storytelling to take your brand to the next level.

Focused & Less Formal

Work through building out your own business stories with one-on-one guidance and real-time feedback.

Pre-session homework
1-hour live session
Custom templates

Small Group
Intimate & Interactive Virtual

Up to 10 participants
Full workshop with active interaction learning how to tell YOUR brand story

Pre-session homework
1-hour live session
Custom templates

Special Launch Discount
Regular Rate $1590
Large Group
High-Impact Virtual & In Person

More than 10 participants
Full workshop with active interaction learning how to tell YOUR brand story

Custom pre-session tools
Tailored live session
Custom resources

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